Born on October 26th,1975 in Shiraz

 In his childhood, by making something like a dulcimer, music became all his world. In the adolescence, he acceded to music composition and concert arenas. Besides being young, he organized bands and started training and leading them. In his youth by establishing a music academy, he pursued his career with more concentration.

His new and distinct way of dulcimer playing, was often criticized and sometimes encouraged by elders of Iranian music. His entry into the world of children's music began a new chapter of his music activities.


Gholamhossein Nemati

Habibollah Poor Ghasemi

Jamshid Deltalab

Mehrzad Forouzan

Davoud Jafari


Dulcimer (Expertism tool), Familiar with playing Piano, Flute Recorder and Trumpet


Music theory, flows and vocal groups (Since1993) - Dictation and Harmony (Since 1998) - Teaching music to children (Since2003)

Music Composition for television and film series:

The Sage man Directed by Reza Varedi-Seven Berries Directed by Reza Varedi-The Camp’s Stories Directed by Jalil Saman-The Blue Sky Directed by Reza Shouraki-The Ant’s Town Directed by Reza Varedi-The Temba Island directed by Maziyra Mohammadi Nejad- The documentary series (Oil) produced by Masih Mousavi- The documentary series( Water) produced by Enayat Houshmand-the Tele -Theatre Death of Voice Directed by Bahman Soleymani-The Flight Directed by Enayat Houshmand-The Clip (Lari) Directed by Jalil Saman-Return to Childhood Directed by Enayat Houshmand-The Short Film Traceless directed by Hossein Azadi- Animated Film "Seven Colors” directed by Maziyar Mohammadinejad


-Orchestral Tracts

–Making about 50 orchestral concertos as followed: Shadow of Snow(1992)-Behind The Fall Curtains(1993)-Zhimno’s Dream(1993)-Beyond The Space Boundaries(1994)- emancipation(1995)-The Harper and wild pigeons for Dulcimer and Cello(1995)-For youth(1995)-Father(1995)- Brilliant Love(1995)- Hope to see you(1996) -Nothing but You(1996)- The Moon’s Smile for dulcimer orchestra(1997)- The Carbon Valley (The Last Mistake) for flute and guitar(1997)-Epic of Fantasy Memories for 4 human voice parts(1997)-Heaven of decorum(In the memorial of Saadi)1997-Mother’s Spirit-The Final Flight(1997)-It’s not the Spring’s Sound(1997)-Heaven’s Sonnet in Eight Mouvman(1999) -Hello Spring It’s spring(1999)-The Memento(1999)-The Green Childhood Dream(2000)-The Alley-My voice(2000)-Moon and The Insane(2000)-Sky, Rain(2000)-Ali(Alaihessalam)2000-My greeting(2000)-The Flight’s Climax(2000)-Commander’s Opus(2000)-Iran’s Children(2001)-The Heaven’s Hypogeum(2001)-The Flower and Smile and Blade(2001)-Chasing The Light(2001)-The Joiner(2001)- Piano and string group (2002)- a provincial network promos (2002)- Devil’s Cup(2003)-The Ramadan’s Spring(2003)-Farewell(Instrumentation)2004-Tomorrow’s Spring(2005)-Painting’s Notebook(2005)-Zakat(2005)-End of The world(2005)- Shining star (2005), the Merciful Lord (2005), what kind of God (2006)- Thanks- The Lord (2006) Imagination regiment (2007), Hara ,The Bright Dark (2007) Grandpa (2008) Snowman (2008), Pigeons Flight (2008) Paper House (2011), Salman Farsi(2012).


-Award for best composition for the Show "lovers" in the 6th Provincial Theatre Festival 1994(directed by Ali Sabet)

- Award for best composition and Honorary diploma for Tele-Theatre "Death of The Sound" at the first festival for Fars of the Provincial productions1999 (directed by Bahman Soleimani)

- Award for best composition for the piece "The moonlight Birth" in the eighth festival of IRIB broadcasting products( 2000)

-Award for best composition for the piece "commanders" in the 9th festival of IRIB broadcasting products(2001)

- Award for best composition for the Puppet Collection of “seven-berries” in the 9th festival of IRIB broadcasting products 2001(directed by Bahman Soleimani,Reza Varedi)

- Award for Best Music Composition for The Animation "what remains" in the 9th festival of IRIB broadcasting products ,TV and radio productions 2001 (directed by Maziyar Mohammad Nejad)

- Award for Best music Composition (shared) for the show "The gear’s gong" at the Festival of Youth Theatre (directed by Abbas Batale)

- Award for Best Music Composition and Honorary diploma for the orchestral opus "shinning star" at the 14th festival for TV and radio productions(2006)

- Award for Best Music Composition and Honorary diploma for cinematic animated film "Seven Colors" at the 14 th festival for TV and radio productions 2006(directed by Maziyar Mohammad Nejad)

- Award for Best Music Composition for orchestral concerto "fantasy regiment" in the 16th radio and television productions Festival(2008)

- Acknowledgement for music of the theater "when its time comes" in the Eighth provincial Theatre Festival (directed by Ali Sabet)

-Orchestra and chore leadership:

The Orchestra”AZARGOON” from 1992 to 2002 almost 20 performances

Dulcimer Players Orchestra 1997 and 1998(12 performances)

The great Orchestra PARS from1999 to 2004(18 Performances).Two performances in Tehran The year2000

The great Chore Group Pars from 2002 to 2006

-The Theatre music

Music Composition for about 20 theatres during the years 1993 to 1997

Such as "Kaboudan and Esfandiyar" (directed by Alireza Fakhraee) - "Tonight I have to go" (directed by Ali Rooientan) - "Girl, bike, recurring" (directed Nad Ali Shojaei) – gong’s gear "and" The passenger "(directed by late Abbas Batale) - "Lovers" and "when its time comes" (directed by Ali Sabet) - "Tara" (directed by Abbas Cheheltanan) - "My secret, The world and Heart" (directed by Sasan Riasatiyan)

-Concertos for Dulcimer:

Composing 15 pieces and 80 etudes in the modern dulcimer playing style Between the years 1992 and 1998

Such as:Souvashoun-"Desert" - "dream of caress" - "Dawn" -"boy and the balloon" - "Voice in the imagination."


24 appreciations ,honorary Diploma, Acknowledgements, Green Slate from different academic and cultural art centers during the years 1994 to 2008


-Member of the music rehearment council of Fars Islamic culture and guidence department in order to Licensing concerts from the year 2000 to 2003

-Supervisor of Islamic culture and guidance department of Fars in the 8th Poetry and Music Festival of Jahad Daneshgahi

-Art Assistant director of Youth Affairs in the Fars Islamic culture and guidance department from1996 to 1998

-The Head of Youth group of the Fars Islamic culture and guidance department from 1995 to 1998


The booklet “A Glance to Music History” (circulation 200 copies)in Xerox forms in 1994

Several articles about sound and rhythm ... Printed in the “news” newspaper


A speech titled “Music and Philosophy” at the Literature Department of Shiraz University in1997

A speech titled “Understanding Music” at Soureh University in 1998

A speech titled “Thinking in Music” at Shiraz Aftab Hall in 1999

-Holding Orchestra and Choir Group

The first Provincial ladies’ chore group for Public performance

Azargoon Orchestra(50 members)in 1993

The first Four Phonic Group In FARS Province 30 members in 1995

Dulcimer Players Orchestra in1997

PARS Orchestra in1999

The great Chore group “Pars” in2002

The First Provincial chore group for Child and Teenage 55 members in2005

With His Efforts for the first time in 1994, guitar and drum musicians and Players and female musicians in 1998, were allowed to perform on Public stage for the public in Shiraz.


Record Supervisor:

From 1997 to 2008 years, sometimes as music record supervisor in the central Fars studio

Music Instruments constructing:

Familiar with the construction dulcimer (only for personal use)

Concerts and children Show:

Concert - show "Angel and magic songs" (2004 and 2007) and "Hands are not for clapping" (2008 and 2012) as Organizer - Author and Composer


Solo-Playing from 1993 to 2002 in Shiraz and Tehran in 2000

Song Composition:

Collection of educational songs for children from the year1995

Academy Establishment:

Licensed to establish an academy and establishing it in 2011